Grupo Chinchurreta

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Custom cut

At GRUPO CHINCHURRETA we have specific cutting lines that enable us to offer personalised solutions based on the specific needs of each client.


We offer the possibility of performing various types of threading on the ends of the tubes. The threads we make meet all tolerances and specifications to ensure an accurate and precise fit. We can currently offer threading for different types of threads, such as tapered threads (NPT), parallel threads (NPS), metric threads, etc.

In-line drilling

Our tube manufacturing lines have integrated in-line drilling systems. These systems enable us to make precise holes in tubes of different diameters and lengths according to the required specifications.

Hot-dip galvanising

We offer our hot-dip galvanising service for tubes that require greater protection due to the requirements of their application. We can considerably increase the useful life of the tubes for outdoor applications or for highly corrosive environments through our hot-dip galvanising process with molten zinc.


To offer an even more personalised tube manufacturing service that meets the most varied technical specifications, GRUPO CHINCHURRETA offers the possibility of numerous precision machining operations, including drilling, threading, turning, etc. All machining operations are carried out on state-of-the-art CNC machinery.

Fast container loading

We have our own rapid loading system for tube containers. We have developed a process to streamline and optimise the loading of tubes into containers safely and efficiently.