Grupo Chinchurreta

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Why Chinchurreta?

Dedication to service

There are three pillars that sustain our way of understanding service: support, adapted manufacturing, and logistics.


For our team, service does not just begin with an order and end with a delivery. We are more than just a supplier; we are a partner. And we accompany our clients from the very beginning, identifying their needs to offer functional solutions with added value which are adapted to their every need and to every sector of application. Because steel may be rigid, but in Grupo Chinchurreta, we are flexible.

Adapted manufacturing

We work under the concept of adapted manufacturing. This means that our manufacturing programmes are flexible and open to modifications in a quick and agile manner. At Chinchurreta Group, we are manufacturers of tubes and profiles; but, above all, we are manufacturers of solutions for all the needs of our clients.

Agile logistics

Chinchurreta Group offers a guaranteed supply to our clients. We have the capacity to store the finished product as well as to offer the full logistics distribution and delivery chain anywhere in Europe, and to very short deadlines.

Experience and knowledge

Our experience of almost 60 years has taught us that the first question that we need to ask when we receive a query or order always must be, “what do you need it for?”.

That experience gives us the knowledge that we need to adapt and be flexible. Because we always aim to provide valuable solutions to our customers. And to advise them to offer the most suitable tube or profile for each specific need.

The people
at the centre

Chinchurreta is a family business. We are the third generation of the founding family, and we are aware that the driving force for advancement, growth, and improvement is the talent and capacity of the people who are part of the organisation.

We are a small company within the world of steel. But we are huge in our human dimension, which has helped us to become a stable, dynamic, and solvent company.

We are a cohesive, involved, and committed team that goes beyond the work environment. We are a family business that regards its team, collaborators, and clients as members of that family.


At Chinchurreta Group, care and respect for the environment are of vital importance in the development of our activity. All our manufacturing processes have systems focused on reducing emissions and guaranteeing excellent environmental performance for all the activities that we carry out.

Currently, the Chinchurreta Group plants have solar energy systems that guarantee an autonomous supply of up to 50% of their daily production needs.

Chinchurreta Group has an internal environmental management system with specific objectives and actions aimed at reducing emissions and moving towards decarbonisation. Likewise, Chinchurreta Group is firmly committed to the circular economy, with specific plans aimed at maximising waste recovery, and with a certified process according to ISO 14001 standards.