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to the environment

The Chinchurreta Group has been committed to the energy transition process for many years. Aware of the importance of improving our commitment to the environment, we work in parallel in both our factories to reduce our carbon footprint.

CO2 reduction

We have been working to improve our environmental management system for several years, and we currently hold the ISO 14001 certification.


Minimising water and energy consumption through annual investments, such as the installation of 3MW solar panels in 2023 to improve the electrical self-sufficiency of our Tubos Aranda factory by more than 40%.

Chinchurreta Group collaborates with approved agents for the recycling and reuse of organic materials, paper, cardboard, plastic, steel… We work with recycling and scrap processing companies located less than 60 km away.


We prioritise rail transport for our raw materials. Every week, 3 trains transport 3,000 tonnes of coils directly from the port of Bilbao to our Tubos Aranda factory. This represents more than 140,000 tonnes of goods per year, or 5,800 lorry journeys replaced by a more environmentally friendly means of transport.

Our partners continuously renew their fleet and have reduced their carbon footprint by more than 13% since 2019, with a goal to achieve a 25% reduction by 2030. Some of them may even propose the use of gas-powered lorries.

Green steel

We have green steel suppliers located less than 60 km from our site. Similarly, we have the possibility of a renewable energy supply to ensure a more environmentally friendly production of tubes based on green steel coils.