Grupo Chinchurreta

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Social commitment


The companies of the Chinchurreta Group have a solid social commitment that implies ethical responsibility and contributes to the welfare of the community. This includes sustainable practices that minimise the environmental impact, scrupulous respect for social rights, and support for different local initiatives.

The Chinchurreta Group actively promotes a balance between economic growth and social development, generating benefits for numerous actors in the communities of which it is a part.


At Chinchurreta Group, we reaffirm our commitment to the community and to sport by sponsoring, as Tubos Aranda, the Villa de Aranda Handball Club, which has been recently promoted to the ASOBAL Professional Handball League. Grupo Chinchurreta believes in the importance of teamwork, dedication, and effort.

Through this support, we seek to promote the positive values of sport and contribute to the success and development of the communities of which we are a part.